Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tasting Top Pot

It's way too early on a Saturday morning. I need a sugar fix! Plus, we're going to pick apart doughnuts in a reviewing class today at Hugo House. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

Here's some deep thoughts on what we liked best:


The chocolate dounut with maple frosting is the ideal treat for a sleepy saturday morning. The crispy cake and melt in your mouth maple icing form the perfect blend of flavors to a standard morning goody.


Plain iced: light and spongy. Not quite the heavenly experience that Krispy Kreme is, but what is? Very fine.
Pink icing w/sprinkles: Oddly gritty, chemical-tasting icing. The first bite tasted of, believe it or not, pepperoni; the second, like I imagine petroleum might. Not the best sprinkles I've ever had.
Double choco: Rich fudgy icing, lightly flavored dough. A winner!
Maple round: At first tangy, then sugary icing. The moistest, though all are fairly dry. Crunchy shell.


Critchy-crunchy soft breaking noises, soft warm center...what do we taste? French fries! Old Fashioned Doughnuts are french fries. In a doughnut. They are! If you like french fries, and don't intend to eat sixty pounds of the these, these are definately the desirable doughnut of the day. The perfect balance between the over powering I'm going to eat your mouth attitude of the double chocolate, and the dry desert-like pink sprinkles. 

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  1. please oh please do not be swept away by Top Pot - they are OK, but to tell the truth about donuts, they are just a bit better than the fried rings of dough found at many markets.

    The BEST and I do mean the BEST in Seattle are at Mighty O Donuts in TangleTown. I was 'a-scared' to try any donut that was "organic" let alone 'vegan.' OMG - good stuff.

    Now if they can just get a personality transplant for most of the workers. They remind me of the unhappy faces and personalities I encounter at PCC.